Don Season Gathering 2019

Pátek 25 leden 2019 (19:00 -21:00)
Sobota 26 leden 2019 (08:00 -21:00)
Neděle 27 leden 2019 (08:00 -14:00)
Učitel : Shastri Simon La Haye
Coordinators : Martin Ramstedt & Alice Buehler
Kontaktní osoba : Alice Buehler
2019 Tiger Shar Regional Don Day Programme in Prague

Exploring the mandate of the Dorje Kasung

PREREQUISITES:  This program is open to all kasung or people genuinely interested in the Kasung path. Kasung, of course, includes the Gesar, Kusung, and Desung

The Dön Season at the end of the lunar year is a climax period when the residual energies of the past year churn to a head. In the Shambhala tradition, it is viewed as a potentially threatening period to be met with heightened awareness and protective meditative engagement. Each year during the Dön Season, the Dorje Kasung, who are the service protectors of Shambhala, assemble together to encounter these potent energies through practice, raising windhorse, and hearty comradeship. Tiger East Region Dorje Kasung are encouraged this year to gather at the the fortress walls of Prague to deepen our Kasung understandings and reaffirm our Shambhala lineage heart connection. 

We will be joined by Dapön Simon La Haye and other teachers.




Price: 120 Euros (including meals); 60 Euros for Eastern Europeans