Summer Family Programme - Fearlesness in Everyday life

Datum: Pátek 4 srpen 2017 (15:00 -00:00) Sobota 12 srpen 2017 (00:00 -13:00)
Učitelka : Shastri Anne Bakker
Coordinators : Dana Žemličková & Dita Kemp
Kontaktní osoba : Dana Žemličková
Come and spend a wonderful week in the Krkokonše mountains. It is an opportunity to combine family, teachings, meditation and relaxation. We will have talks, meditation, trips, time to discuss, sit at the bar and just be together.

Summer meditation

Topic: Fearlesness in Everyday life
Teachers: Shastri Anne Bakker and Jan Mulder
Place: Mountain Cotage Kara, Roudnice v Krkonoších 15, 514 01 Jilemnice (see here)
Prices for Poland, Hungary, Ukraine (Central and Eastern Europe)
- Early bird: Adults 180, children 105 EUR (if you register before June15)
- Later: Adults 215, children 140 EUR
Prices for Western Europe
- Early bird: Adults 210, children 120 EUR (if you register before June15)
- Later: Adults 250, children 160 EUR 
Food: Delicious, our grandmothers are cooking. We can also offer vegetarian and gluten-free version.
Contact person: Dana Žemličková, email: [email protected]  tel. 608180779